Inspire. Innovate. Invest.

We look for brands those inspire good life.
Those are innovative, creative, inspirational, natural, for future generations.


VANBO was founded on an inspiration to discover and offer a good life to millions of Chinese.

W.I.S.E. is our motto, with an average age of 28, a young,
dynamic, progressive, passionate team full of
learning animals, we all share the spirit of Winning,
Innovative, Smart, Entrepreneur (W.I.S.E.). This spirit enable us to cultivate an adaptive,
responsive company in the ever fast changing Chinese business landscape.

We are an unique and untraditional team with marketing,
retail and eCommerce experts that are constantly looking
for innovative solutions for our partner brands.

  • Nick
    Project  Manager


    4 years of operation experience of e-commerce platform, familiar with the whole process of e-commerce. Good at data analyzing, strategy and plan making, setting pace of brand operation.

  • Sarah Xu
    Founder & Managing Director


    After 10 years professional brand consulting and marketing for the powerful international brands in China, Sarah founded the company as the exclusive distributor of a high quality Spanish kitchenware brand, and have evolved the company into an integrated retail and eCommerce platform to distribute international brands.

  • Jason
    Marketing Manager


    4 years working experience in a digital advertising company, Jason has a very strong marketing sense, communication and activity planning skills. In Vanbo, Jason brought a new vitality to the brand development in China.

  • Sky
    Design Supervisor


    3 years of entrepreneurial experience, 7 years of branding, visual designing experience, Sky has successfully launched a number of well-known brands.
    Focus on brand innovating, building brand characteristics in FMCG industry in China.

  • Fiona
    Senior Designer


    Senior graphic designer, many years of designing experience in E-commerce platform.

  • Alex
    Consultant Chef


    Engaged in the catering industry for 18 years, proficient in baking and Western-style food. Served as a chef in Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai PuDong. After joining Vanbo, Alex is focus on developing all sorts of new recipes and new lifestyles for modern people.

  • WeiHao Huang
    Logistics Manager


    Working for nearly ten years in logistics and warehousing, with all kinds of goods (chemical, food, textile etc.) Experienced in managing of large-scale activities. Proficient in B2B, B2C and other logistics links, rich experience in team building and management.

  • Vick
    Accounting supervisor


    6 years of financial management experience of domestic and foreign well-known brands, serving in the well-known Taiwan funded enterprises, domestic company group of wholesale, retail industry, familiar with all kinds of financial standards, with a high sense of responsibility, ability to work independently, good at thinking, have strong financial analysis and risk judgment.

  • Jack
    Import Specialist


    After 4 years in an international youth hostel and 1 year customer service in an international logistic company, Jack joined into Vanbo. With the good communication skills and sensitivity of international brands, he is handling all the import related issues in the company.

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